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A Beautiful Motorhome Birth

My names Karen I’m 32 years old and this is my birth story

From the moment I knew I was going to keep the baby I knew I was going to do everything as natural as possible. 

I had no ultrasounds, no prenatal, no doctor visits and I felt so empowered by that. Obviously that’s not everyone’s journey but it was the only option for me and my baby. I was told by so many people including doctors that it was a bad idea that I should be doing so many things that I was completely against and discouraging me from something I knew to be completely natural and intuitive. I was told I had medical issues that would cause me to bleed so much and lead to a blood transfusion, I was told that I was more at risk with my second and so many other things. Which made me more determined to do it on my own. 

The closer I got to 40 weeks I started looking into a location, my ideal location was near a river in nature and able to be there for a few weeks.. unfortunately I didn’t have any way of being there because I had stopped working and had no help financially besides my own savings. So my options were slim. 

I went back and fourth with having her at home because at the time I was living in a trailer that I rented from a wonderful woman named Carmen. It was a beautiful trailer, with wild animals and covered by nature. But I was renting it and didn’t even think it was an option, my family was another option but the only hesitation was that it was in Mexico and I didn’t know how easy registering my baby would be. Not only that but there is no nature there and I just wouldn’t have felt comfortable. With at home options not looking so good I started going to birth centers. Quickly I realized birthing centers only take you if you are with them from the beginning of your pregnancy and I was already at 38/39 weeks. 

I thought of reaching out to friends or midwives/ doulas who had centers in their space and on my search I met Javiera. We spoke for a little bit about my journey so far and what I was looking for, she told me to be aware that she wouldn’t be able to help with anything medically or touch the baby and to me that was the first time someone said something to me that was closely aligned to what I wanted to hear! We were scheduled to meet the next day but at 5 am I had to give her a call to cancel. Baby was on her way

So there I am laying in bed going through all of my options, I had to call another friend who I was meeting with as well. When I spoke to her she asked who was with me and at that time I had no one that I could call ( dad was completely out the picture after month 7 of the pregnancy) so she came over right away. At this point I had been in contracting since 3 am and although my contractions were bareable they were getting pretty heavy. 

When my friend Ashley got here she asked where I was having her and I looked at her saying “I have no clue” she panicked and went through her phone book looking for a space, watching me pace up and down the driveway at this point barely able to speak. 

After no luck she offered her space but she understandably had to have a medical professional there. I told her at this point if that’s what it has to be then that’s what it will be, so she called her friend who is a midwife/ doula and she asked me a few questions she couldn’t make it to us at the moment but told me she had a friend. 

Meanwhile Javiera was waiting to hear back about finding a space and that she would head over as soon as we had one, the contractions were getting so bad I was getting to the point of not being able to move and none of the doulas had a space so… we were having her in the trailer. 

At this point Ashley’s friend had suggested a doula who we found out was also Javieras friend so it all came full circle! They were both on their way and Ashley is still there supporting me and motivating me to stay strong. 

Javiera and Ana show up around 11 am with so many supplies that I hadn’t even thought of and they made the process so calming and stress free

I was in the restroom when they got there, at this point I felt like I was so sleepy and the pain was mind numbing but I remember screaming “I don’t want to have my baby on the toilet!!” Haha honestly, I couldn’t move! When I pushed myself to open the door I see towels all over the floor and I just walked over to my sink and squatted down. Javiera came over to me and started massaging my back which was the BEST I had felt since 3 am 

That helped me focus on my body and the pushing sensation that was taking over me. I kept asking “How will I know??” But to every mom with that same question don’t worry. You don’t need to know because your body does and it will do it for you just like your lungs know how to contract when you inhale and exhale. It is so natural and it was amazing to feel. 

Now it is noon and I feel my baby pops out then I push once more and she’s in my arms. The most adorable thing and the most empowering feeling! Instantly the pain went away, the euphoria was next level and I was on cloud 9 with my baby. The true warrior in all this, with barely any cry and just eyes full of wonder and amazement. 

I held her and she was so quiet just observing as I sat there squatted we still weren’t done. The placenta. 

I had no idea what to expect, it was still connected to my baby so for the first time in those 9 hrs I could honestly say I was a little freaked out. With my first I went the completely traditional route in a hospital stuffed up and I didn’t even see my placenta so I had no idea what to expect! 

Javiera reassured me I could just pull it out but I had no idea if it was going to hurt, how easy it could tear, or how hard I had to pull, after an hour I finally brought myself to pull it out and I felt so silly with how easy it was! 

The rest of the day was spent laying and feeding my baby, the ladies took care of so much and I got to have her in my peaceful trailer surrounded by peacocks, geese and other animals. 

The most magical moment, supported by 3 amazing women. Selflessly there for us. Baby Evenus and I are so grateful and if there was one thing that stood out through that whole process it is that if you have a vision and faith it will all work out in the best possible way.    

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