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Yoga is an ancient healing practice with it's roots 

in India. Yoga means, "union" of one's entire self,

the mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment.

This is essentially mindfulness and presence,

pausing and choosing one's thoughts and actions,

and noticing what comes up without judging the

thought or emotion. There are eight aspects (the

8 Limbs) to the practice that build on each other

to support their process.

For me, yoga is a practice that extends to every area
of my life and has supported me in remembering my
connection to the earth and her beings. It has been a
process of listening to my deeper wisdom, my body and emotions. With the help of yoga (and becoming
a parent!), I am learning how to pause in challenging situations that trigger deep rooted habits. Yoga has also been a process of undoing of old patterns, noticing when they come up and celebrating when I do notice them and when I can choose a different path. 

I enjoy teaching because it brings me joy to accompany people in their aha! moments or a deeper breath. And it can feel good to just move


meditation and uban yoga

I received my 200-hr teacher training in the summer of 2013 and began teaching shortly after. In 2016, I took Street Yoga's Trauma-informed Training so that I may be more sensitive to the needs of our greater community. In 2017 I took Synergy Yoga School's Pre and Postnatal Teacher training to guide yoga to mothers through their childbearing year.

I have shared this practice with a wide variety of people and populations such as retired folks, office workers, pregnant and postpartum parent(s), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, MMA fighters, children, and houseless folks. Being able to share with many different populations has helped me to meet each person where they are at because yoga is medicine that is unique to each individual.

When I first started teaching in 2013, I taught through the Evergreen Yoga Service Collective, where we brought free and accessible classes to the Olympia area. Offering financially and physically accessible yoga classes is important to me. 

yoga benefits, street yoga

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”  ― T.K.V. Desikachar

Street Yoga “Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness Programming for Youth”

Individual and Group Yoga Instruction

One-to-one Class 75min

The practice of yoga has helped nourish people's body, mind and emotions for thousands of years! It is my wish to share this practice with anyone who wants to give it a try. Each class is tailored to your needs.

Prenatal 75min

Private or group prenatal yoga. Relax, expand, strengthen and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment during your pregnancy journey. Pregnancy can bring up various aches and pains throughout the body, mind and/or emotions, and in yoga we have the opportunity to practice relaxing, breathing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit to prepare you for the great work of nurturing a new human being. This is an all levels class, it is gentle and powerful, and we always end with a positive birth story. Optional: Red Raspberry leaf tea time after.

Group Class 75min

Enjoy your class even more while sharing it with friends. We will begin our session with a check in and the class will flow from there, we can discuss theme ideas prior. Available for events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, girls night out, team building, at your work, etc.

Postnatal 75min

Private or group postnatal Instruction. Babies encouraged and welcome! Postnatal yoga designed to support you during your transition into parenthood by offering tools that you can use throughout your day. We focus on healing and connecting to the core, relaxing any tense areas, slowly building up strength within your body and remembering to breathe, all while in the presence of your baby. Postnatal focuses on your needs and the needs of your baby, so everything is welcome if you need to feed, change, or hold your baby, yoga is still possible and do able. Optional: Red Raspberry leaf tea time after.


One-to-one class $100

Group $250 up to 5 people, $15 each person after

Depending on number of people, I can provide props

tree pose yoga
“Doing anything with attention to how you feel is doing yoga.” –Jean Couch
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