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Physiological Birth 

Intentional Birth

Sarah Buckley

Holistic Stages of Birth

Birth as an Altered State of Consciousness

The Art of Birth

Freebirth/Unassisted Birth

Elemental Childbirth Preparation

Freebirth Society

Indie Birth


Rooted Birth

These are some of the main courses/organizations that I am aware of, I don't agree with everything each organization is about, but their content on unassisted birth is great and succinct, and then there are some pretty amazing IG accounts to follow, just search #freebirth #radicalbirth 

Pelvic Health Sovereignty

Carly Rae

Adelaide Meadow

Brittney Ellers: Being Better*

Jamie Goldman: Origin Mother and Child*

Kimberly Ann Johnson

Sister MorningStar

Ibu Robin Lim

Postpartum Care

Metztli Lopez-Torres*


Innate Traditions


Motherfoods: Maternal Nutrition & Humanity's Health

Weston A Price

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet

Real Food for Pregnancy

Perinatal Psychology

Birth Psychology


These Are My Hours

Birth As We Know It

Orgasmic Birth

Why Not Home? The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Nurses

The Business of Being Born

* Local to San Diego

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