Pregnancy, Birth,
Postpartum Support

What I Offer

I offer pregnancy, birth and postpartum support services to women and families who are choosing to birth at home and in some birth centers. I am open to supporting women who are choosing a free or unassisted birth.

We could work well together if you describe your life as a woman as sacred. You believe pregnancy, birth, postpartum and mothering are rites of passages that deserve to be acknowledged with intention and attention. You are thoughtful in your decision making, taking the time to uncover what it is that you want for yourself and your baby. You consider the benefits and risks of each decision. You feel connected to your intuition or are willing to work on that relationship with yourself. You believe you are an autonomous being. You believe your baby is an autonomous being too and has their own story to write and will consider your baby’s wants. You take responsibility for your life and your actions.


Birthkeeper Support- pregnancy, birth and postpartum support
Postpartum Ceremony
Belly Binding
Vaginal Steaming

I work with Ana Burr of Primal Birth Services to offer my clients Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Meal Delivery, and Postpartum Care