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Placenta Medicine 

placent encapsulation and prints

Certificate and Placenta Prints

Immediately after birth we are focused on this little being that was just born that many may forget or may not even know, that the placenta will be born too. This amazing organ sustained your baby's life from conception until birth and separation. Your baby holds a significant connection to this organ (some cultures call the placenta your baby's twin or guardian), and so do you! 

The placenta is Awe-mazing!

Placentas are potent for medicine making. 

Placenta Medicine has its roots in traditions throughout the ancient and present world. It is the use of your placenta as a vehicle for healing; this could mean honoring your transition into becoming a parent, mending trauma experienced during pregnancy, birth or postpartum, supporting your physical body with nutrients and hormones, and/or celebrating your child's passage earthside.


Some commons practices are ingesting your placenta, applying your placenta topically, making art with your placenta and/or umbilical cord, Lotus Birth, and/or preparing your placenta for ceremonial purposes. This medicine is tailored to your needs postpartum, taking into account your experience through pregnancy and birth.


I completed my Placenta Medicine training through Medicina de Placenta Chile y Latinoamérica, y Matriz Ancestral Doula in La Serena, Chile. I completed Biologix's Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators and hold a current California Food Handler's Permit. I promise to treat your placenta with care and respect by practicing proper hygiene and sanitation.

I will only process one placenta at a time, so to not cross contaminate.


Placenta is said to be the Tree of Life

Some potential benefits of ingesting your placenta: 

  • Increase in overall energy and breast milk production

  • Contracting the uterus (midwives have used a piece of placenta to stop postpartum hemorrhage)

  • Minimizing postpartum bleeding

  • Faster healing after birth

  • Support in healing birth trauma

  • More stable moods 

 **there is little scientific evidence to support these claims, however there is a lot of anecdotal evidence backing these claims. Scientific studies are on their way! As with everything in life, listen to your body and deeper wisdom. If something doesn't feel right when ingesting, don't do it! There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the benefits of keeping your placenta for medicine**

How to Get your Placenta

Discuss your desire to take your placenta home with your care provider and include in your birth plan if birthing outside of your home. Your birth partner or doula can remind your team of your wishes as well. You may need to sign a waiver to release liability from the hospital. 

Make sure you bring a cooler to fill with ice from the hospital and a few gallon ziploc bags. If you go home before I am able to pick up your placenta, then place immediately into fridge or freezer depending on timing

(I will let you know). 

The Process

Placenta Encapsulation involves cleaning your placenta, steaming each side for 15min, cutting into thin slices, dehydrating 12hrs at 160 degrees, grinding and encapsulating.

Placenta Tincture involves taking a walnut size piece of placenta and placing in 100% proof alcohol extracting the beneficial properties

Placenta Print is a copy made using the blood of your placenta.

Reasons you will not be able to ingest your placenta: You have: HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, or developed a UTI during labor.


Placenta Medicine include:

  • Prenatal meeting, phone or in-person,
    to discuss your wishes for your placenta. 

  • I pick-up your placenta within 24hrs of
    birth *$20 discount to those who can
    drop off placenta*

  • I drop off your placenta within 24-48hrs of picking it up

  • On-call around your due date

  • Directions on how to ingest your capsules and/or tincture

placena heart

Encapsulation $250

4oz Tincture $40

Print $15

Umbilical Cord Keepsake: Free and Included

Encapsulation, 4oz Tincture, Print and Umbilical Cord Keepsake: $300


Contact me for questions and/or ideas on how to create a ceremony for your placenta, and if you are a DIY kind of person, I am happy to be a resource to support you in your journey of creating and utilizing your and your baby's medicine. 

Many families today find personal meaning with placenta burial ceremonies. Some create rituals celebrating the completion of the pregnancy and birth, and honoring a woman’s journey into motherhood. Families also recognize the life giving properties of the placenta and bury it as an offering of nourishment to the land and a blessing to the earth. Sarah Hollister RN, PHN, IBCLC 

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