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Hi! I'm Javiera

This is my little family, we recently welcomed our second baby and I decided to make a blog to share parts of our story and journey.  

I am a birth worker and mama and think a lot about birth and how we can, as a society, give the power of pregnancy, birth and postpartum back into the hands of women and their families. 

A little bit more about how I came to birth work: 

I met my first midwife during a high school career day. She showed us a movie about home birth and in that moment, I decided that I would birth my babies at home if I ever got pregnant. Learning about birth and especially home birth ignited an ancient knowing within myself, I had an aha! moment of “of course babies can be born at home safely, it’s what we’ve been doing since forever! And of course, it has so many benefits for the mother and baby.” Meeting this midwife pushed me into searching for a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman and to have a female body. Through the years I began to deepen my connection to my cycle and my body through different embodied practices like hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, ecstatic dance, Fertility Awareness, and somatic exercises.


In 2016 I became pregnant for the first time and felt that I had been preparing my whole life for this moment. I immersed myself into everything I could to learn as much as possible to prepare for the amazing and challenging journey ahead. It was after the sweet and life changing experience of birthing my first baby that I decided to learn more so that I can support the mothers in my community during their pregnancies, births and postpartum times. Through my own experiences I understand deeply the importance and necessity of body and soul nourishing help and support during these sacred transitions. We are not meant to do this work alone; it really takes a community.

My wish is for every person to experience the birth of their child in awareness, presence, respect and power. Deep bow to you for doing this courageous work. Some of my deepest hopes are for every person to feel safe, nurtured and cared for by their community, and in their body and mind, and to remember our connection to the earth and each other.

I have completed many trainings including 8 Limbs Yoga Centers Yoga Teacher Training (2013), Street Yoga's trauma-informed teacher training (2016), Synergy Yoga's Pre and Postnatal teacher training (2017), enCircle Doula Training through Big Belly Services (2017), Placenta Medicine training through Medicina de Placenta Chile y Latinoamérica, y Matriz Ancestral Doula (Chile, 2018), Doulas of Grief training through Hathor Terapias y Matriz Ancestral Doula (Chile, 2018), Heart of Mentoring through Birthing From Within (2018), Spinning Babies workshop (2018), Indie Birth Birth Warrior training (2019), Belly Binding through La Martriz Birth Services (2019), Indie Birth’s Autonomous Midwifery course (2021), Physiologic Baby Care Course with Innate Traditions (2021),  Circulatory Massage with Healing Hands (2022), Introduction to Traditional Mexican Medicine and Sobadas with Lunamama Services (2022), Craniosacral Fascial Therapy through the Gillespie Approach (2023). 

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